A day at Frontignan-Plage


A 7-kilometre long strip of sand bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and almost 320 days of sunshine a year, that's the setting that awaits you in Frontignan-Plage. The seaside resort even has one of the major assets of the Thau Archipelago: a transparent beach that is almost deserted... So many reasons to go to this charming town!
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The Lido beaches

Situated to the north-east of Sète, the seaside resort benefits from an exceptional geographical situation between the sea, ponds and garrigues and offers as many beautiful sandy and pebble beaches on either side of the marina, which have been awarded the Blue Flag for over 25 years.

You can choose between Port Ouest, Port Est, Les Plaisanciers, Le Grau, La Bergerie, l'Entrée or the Aresquiers beach.
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The Aresquiers beach

An air of the end of the world. That's what you'll find when you choose the Aresquiers beach, which stretches over about 7 kilometres between Frontignan and Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone. 

To make matters worse, 5 kilometres are closed to road traffic: no cars, no motorbikes, just you in a magnificent face-to-face with the sea. But being close to paradise has a cost, that of the effort! You will have to walk in the middle of nature to enjoy a transparent, almost deserted beach where bathers (and sometimes swimming costumes) become scarce as you go along. 

On the sand, a few pebbles polished by the waves, driftwood that you have fun picking up and, in the hollow of your ear, the song of the cicadas, which does not manage to cover the noise of the waves...

Allow 20 to 30 minutes' walk to reach the most isolated corners. For cyclists, the Aresquiers beach is also accessible by the track that links Vic-la-Gardiole to Frontignan. 

Tip: For a more "secret" atmosphere and a magical panorama, try to reach the Nau creek in Sète. Just splendid!
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Animated beaches

In July and August, the town of Frontignan organises numerous activities to enjoy the beach and have fun at the same time. 

On the West Bank beach, for example, there is a fitness and well-being area right next to the nautical centre. Gym, yoga and weight training classes are also offered, alternating with sandball, beach soccer and volleyball tournaments.
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The water sports centre

Do you have the sea legs and can you swim? Then take advantage of your holidays at Frontignan-Plage to try out sailing in all its forms: sailing boat, optimist, catamaran... 

You will have the possibility to do your first dive, to glide on the Mediterranean Sea with your windsurfing board, to rent your sea kayak or your stand-up paddle and to venture off the coast of Frontignan-Plage for a few hours. 

You should also know that the municipal sailing centre of Frontignan organises courses for the general public and discovery trips. 
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The "Lire à la mer" hut

Among the other activities proposed by the town of Frontignan: the "Lire à la mer" hut. Every year between July and August, you can visit the West Bank beach to enjoy more than 2000 books and magazines to read on the spot: novels, comics, tales, mangas, thrillers, documentaries...

Equipped beaches

If you are looking for the comfort of a deckchair and the coolness of a parasol, you will be delighted to learn that the beaches of Frontignan are equipped. For example, you can go to the : 
  • Tam Tam Beach Club installed on the beach of the Campsite and which proposes parasols, deckchairs and hammocks for a lazy afternoon with cocktail tasting. 
  • Le Poisson Rouge, a restaurant offering an exceptional setting and a gourmet break with a view of the sea and a covered terrace on the beach. 
  • La Pirogue, a straw hut where you can relax on a deckchair facing the sea and hire paddles. 
  • L'Odyssée, a restaurant with a beach bar where you can enjoy ice creams and tapas while lounging on a deckchair. Paddle hire is also available.
  • Le Spot, a bar-lounge and restaurant located at the entrance to the Aresquiers beach, which also offers deckchair hire for relaxing or simply having a drink.
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Accessible beaches for all

Three accesses allow people with reduced mobility to enjoy the pleasures of the beach and swimming, thanks to the faciroules and tiralos. See you at : 
  • Port-Ouest beach
  • the beach of the "Plaisanciers 
  • Entrée beach
  • beach of Grau
  • beach of Aresquiers
These beaches also have adapted parking spaces.

The first aid posts

To make the most of your holidays in Frontignan-Plage, 5 first aid posts are set up all summer at the :  
  • Plage du Port, quai Robert Alary
  • Grau beach, impasse des Macreuses
  • plage de la Bergerie, impasse des Plaisanciers
  • Entrée beach, impasse des Foulques
  • Les Aresquiers beach, lieu-dit St Eugène

My holidays with my dog

Our dog friends can also enjoy Frontignan-Plage only between October 1st and April 30th inclusive.
In 2023, for the summer season, the municipality is creating areas dedicated to your canine companions, and making access to the beaches from numbers 34 to 40 (Saint-Eugène car park, as far as the limits of the Frontignan beaches towards Vic-la-Gardiole) accessible to dogs.
And if you wish to go for a ride with your horse, you should know that they are also allowed on the beaches from October 1st to March 31st, from access n°31 to the East of the beach, on the edge of the shore (forbidden to go near the top of the beach and the dunes). 
On the other hand, they are forbidden on all the beaches of the commune from 1st April to 30th September inclusive, 24 hours a day.
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