The highlights of Frontignan


Famous for its Muscat wine, Frontignan knows how to celebrate its nectar with dignity, but not only that... Meet up throughout the summer to discover its traditions: Fête de la Mer, Fête du Port de plaisance, Joutes... Or even take a break from reading during the FiRN.

International Festival of Noir Novels

If you are looking for your next book list for your holiday in the Thau Archipelago, go to Frontignan at the end of June to attend the International Festival of Noir Novels or more commonly known as the FiRN. 

It is on this occasion that some forty authors, French and foreign, great names or emerging talents, meet to present their works from literature to comics.

During these few days, round tables, exhibitions, readings, film screenings, live shows and festive black nights are also organised!

Free and open to all, the International Festival of Noir Novels continues with literary walks that allow you to meet an author, a place in the region and a local product. On foot, by bike or by boat, these walks (also free) end with a signing session on site or in a bookshop.
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The Emmuscades

The principle of the Emmuscades: cinema, vineyards and conviviality. This clever cocktail takes place every year in July and August at different wine estates in the region for four evenings. 

On the day, go to the estate with your picnic, pick up your glass of muscatel wine and wait in the middle of the vines while admiring the volunteers making the mussel brasucade. Don't forget to visit the estate shop and bring back a bottle of muscatel wine from your evening. 

The sun is already setting? It's time to take your seat to attend the open-air cinema and meet the professionals and volunteers of the Hallu'cinés association, which organises this screening of rare/independent films.
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Muscat Festival

Muscat, a great love story of Frontignan! If you too appreciate this divine small grape variety, come and celebrate it in mid-July in the Muscadière town. For the occasion, a funfair and a waiters' race are organised.... which punctuate the event between two tastings. 

This day of celebration is extended throughout the summer with three events, always around the Muscat: 
  • Les tables du Muscat: This event takes place in the various restaurants of Frontignan, where a winegrower presents his range of wines and a chef is inspired by the wines of Frontignan to create the recipes that are served to you. 
  • A chef in the vineyards: Are you tempted by an exceptional dinner, cooked and served in the heart of a vineyard? Take advantage of this meeting organised by a great chef and a wine estate to conquer your taste buds.
  • Les Musc'halles: Meet every Thursday at the Frontignan market to learn about wine tasting and meet an epicurean and passionate oenologist. This will be an opportunity to discover the subtleties of Frontignan wines and to get ideas for food and wine pairings.
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Fête de la Mer

To discover the traditions of Frontignan, go to Frontignan every 25th July to attend the Fête de la Mer. This traditional festival is a tribute to the sailors who died, and sees the statue of Saint Paul, the town's patron saint, parade through the heart of the town and out to sea before returning to the church of the same name.

Tip: Remember to book your tickets to follow the statue of Saint Paul at sea.

Marina festival

Among the many traditional festivals that punctuate the life of the people of Frontignan is the marina festival. Every August 14th, the marina of the town of Frontignan La Peyrade is decked out in its festive attire for a day. 

Numerous events are organised, including jousting, mussel braziers and a firework display.
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The Estivales de Thau

Marseillan, Loupian, Montbazin, Frontignan, Bouzigues, Mèze, Mireval, Balaruc-les-Bains, Sète... One date = one town to taste wines and local products!

Les Estivales de Thau, is every Thursday of the summer, a warm atmosphere conducive to greed: tielles, shellfish, cakes, chocolates, ice cream ... You will be spoilt for choice and will only want to come back the following week.
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The Languedoc jousts

Listed as an intangible cultural heritage site in 2012, the Languedoc jousts have been a feature of the Archipelago for centuries. But to understand the full weight of this tradition, you have to attend a tournament!

From June to the beginning of September, the meetings on the water take place all around the Thau lagoon: Sète, Marseillan, Balaruc-les-Bains, Mèze, Frontignan. Much more than a sport, these chivalrous tournaments are even practised throughout the year in the canals of Sète and Frontignan in "leisure" or "competition" formula.
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